Wrinkly Folk

Here, sit on Grandma Anoush’s lap. When I was your age, well not YOUR age, but when I was two decades older from your age, I used to check my email all the time! all the kids were doing it. i also used to sign onto (back then, they called it) a Buddylist. And I’d see which of my buddies were around and chat. We’d see who was around and who wasn’t. Oh, and this always made me chuckle – sometimes I’d sign on and keep my away message on (we’ll have the away message talk when you’re older) and people would think I wasnot there. Othertimes – and this would make me chuckle, too – I WOULDn”T have my away message on and people would tell me things and I wouldn’t be at my computer. I’d be standing over a stove, cooking some sort of chicken and broccoli and singing showtunes. It was quite awesome. (Back when we were young, we said Awesome a lot. We said it about everything. About food, the weather, clothes, stories, movies, people, ourselves – it was a very versatile word. Somehow it got overused and died. Literally. I buried it in my backyard.)

I used to sit down and say OK i’m going to put this story to words – or say “I’m going to rip this story apart and look at each section one by one,” But instead, I’d see his or HER screenname and wonder if there were ways for us to (no one says this anymore but) Hang out. I never knew how to begin conversations. (It took me three years to talk to your grandfather before we started hooking up) <- that’s another one we’ll talk about later. When Uncle David says “hook up” he means “Meet up,” not what *I’M* talking about. Actually Uncle David’s a bad example, but….

I miss being young and having the world at my fingertips but somehow only looking at one piece of it CONSTANTLY. So let’s go to our computers and dream of our futures some more. I still sit in Indian Style when i’m at mine… You have a cool grandma. Back then the word for cool grandma was GILF.


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