Your Cuteness

I just fucking hate you. and not like”Omigod i HATE you.” I….(pause) (double pause) HAAAAAAATE YOU. :::eyes wide open::: shaking jaw:::saying”You”maybe a few seconds too long:::

Am I just jealous? Nah. No, I am. Why do you get to be so weird and cryptic and dainty and provocative only because you’re a tortured soul and it turns people on? That was so MINE! Now you’re all like “Look how I can do this thing with little-to-no trouble and look how adorably cute I am while I do it.” Die. And I won’t care. (Harsh, and a little sorry, but)

Oh, and as someone who’s graduated from this phase who still thinks she can get some mileage out of it (But can’t because it’s kinda passe), you’re not that hard to figure out. Here’s you: You love yourself (A LOT!) but you don’t think anyone else’ll believe you. So you’re just gonna be cute and little in the meantime, letting squirts of talent ooze out here and there til someone of high status notices that little walk you do. It’s cute. It really is – not the walk, the approach.

It’s a good plan. Good Short-term plan. Wow, I think I just figured out where it’s all coming from now. The hate has gone down to Three-Fourths. Sorry for the confusion.


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