Warp Tour

Oh A Rooftop

“Why are you talking to me for this long? Your buddy just left so you’re still here, and you know, don’t you, that you’re way too good for me. What do you think I could possibly offer you that you can’t find from any of these other girls? Isn’t Drunk Man after the end-all be-all instant gratification? the whole “Wishing you ordered what the guy next to you ordered” kinda thing?

Here’s where you’re a tad wrong but I won’t tell you because I’m never sure what you’re thinking. maybe you’re not sure either, but….

You won’t find this conversation or these shark eyes anywhere else. Or this deep-ungiggly-voice. (I could’ve gotten away with wearing that short skirt – why did i wear the capris? No, it’s good I wore the capris because branching out is good. I wear that skirt all the time.) Why do you raise my hopes like that? Luckily i have this knack to abort any kind of emotion before it grows into something tangible. Don’t come up to me unless you want your life to change. If you’re happy and you’re just here for a visit, I don’t know, find someone else with a skirt.

“I dont consider myself a feminist” <- The line that every self conscious girl says because Feminism has such a bad connotation. ADMIT that vulnerability and need and validation exist and we can all move on comfortably.

She and I crashed the next door party on the rooftop and drank their rum. There might have been a foot and a half between us but I told her everything. She told me a lot too. Both so fragile and both agree that a soiree with just females is not fun for 1, 2, 3 reasons.

Check out the 3:19 train out of Penn. Talk about people who need validation.


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