-If you were a man, what kind of man would you be?

-Anthony Kiedis.

-What KIND of man.

-the Anthony Kiedis kind.

-That’s dumb.

-No, actually it’s not. If i were Anthony Kiedis I could get away with wearing all these weird hats and stop dying my hair weird colors and maybe let it grow long again. It’s really not that stupid. The guy can have anything he wants. I’d do less drugs, though.

-He looks like a girl. You’re better off just saying you wanna look like Angelina Jolie.

-No, cause she’s too melodramatic. Those guys just don’t care. And they’re silly – Angelina Jolie’s not silly. Plus people don’t judge ’em. I could throw up on the stage at the end of a show and everyone would just cheer. He fell off the stage once and it was great! Why, who’d YOU be?

-Zach Braff.

-Aw. That’s-a cute. (whisper) My inner Kiedis eats Brafflakes for breakfast.


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