You know what might be a good exercise? Not for me, but for you – to not sprinkle unfortunate daily situations with quirky humor confetti. It gets everywhere and always stains my clothes. It’s offensive to humor. Aw, but you do it so cutely……..

I don’t like how some write about little trivial day-to-day things with squirts of humor and commentary here and there. I guess it depends on the situation and the way it’s written but in general, i don’t CARE. Or. i’m jealous. Either way, I find it unfulfilling and soul-chipping. And Cold. And equally as lonely if these cyberspace reachings outs didn’t exist at all. People who think they’re read-worthy when they’re just people. Subway people. Walk people. Office people. Nothing (people). You’re nothing. I’m nothing. Why dance around the space you take up? Realize that it’s just small and suffer. Suffer.


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