Day-To-Day For Yez

I look down at the bottoms of my jeans (they were too long when I bought them) and I see that I’ve cut too much. It looks so stupid but they fit so well that I started to cry. Dear Person Who Cares, but cares not-enough to rescue me cause i don’t want any of that: Nothing really works.

You know what makes me 99% happy, though? These shoulders, yeah, and these wrists, yeah, and these ankles, yeah and OH PLEASE SOMETHING COME AND DISTRACT. Come and save. I give it two weeks til life can potentially change. It’s good though. When people say “i’m doing well” i’m jealous, but then i realize I can reply to the dreaded “How’re you,” in the same way because I *AM* doing well. I’m meeting people  — important people – pretentious people and it’s great. I love pretentious. I eat it. I eat gold flavored jelly beans of it. But oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, a good thing to remember is that things don’t happen when you need them to. But the awesome part (for me) is that when something does come and i’m not in need, I usually just brush it off and completely ignore it for the rescue vessel that it is. So, either way, win-win. Ciao-ciao.


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