I always thought I liked the movie GIRL INTERRUPTED til i realized I just found Winona Ryder extremely attractive with that haircut.

I don’t think Barry White music is sexy. Nor do I find Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get it On” sexy.

I’m a Carole King Tapestry fan and listened to it nonstop when I was in Armenia years ago.

I just might explode in the next month or so. So, be aware.

I get so frustrated and helpless that I’ll need to cry but i can’t cause it’s hard to get out of it and explain to everyone why my eyes are pink. ‘Cause not every place has a cat I can blame it on. (Aw, adorable, right?)

I hate what I see when I walk into the front door. When I have tons of money (Which I won’t have unless I marry rich <- I don’t really think like that) but when I have tons of money, I’m … wow I’m actually going to be just as miserable. hah, i just realized that.

I would like to get into a fight with someone, preferably someone I know so that He/She’ll know when to stop when I say Watermelon. Or get a nosebleed. (I’ll enjoy the nosebleed, though)

I secretly believe that being pressured and unhappy is a catalyst for growth and maturity. Or it’s just comfortable in here, I don’t know.

Do you ever, like, almost HEAR the slow pulse in your neck? Is that weird? What I’ve realized is that I’m not so much a hypochondriac (thank god because those people really fucking bother me) as much as I just don’t want to die, and not you know be a lot of unpleasant things while being alive. However, the idea of being a jogging, alive, sweating, vibrant person of society just scares me. Still.


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