They Do Exist

Is there such thing as a real life Chocolat-Juliet-Binoche character? Could that exist? And I don’t even mean the whole mystical, “I’m gonna solve your difficulty with magical food” thing ’cause I know THAT doesn’t exist. Not that I’d want it to.

I mean as a woman. Could a woman be so alive and in love with baking AND taste her own work AND be so charming and beautiful AND so smart? Could she also save a town and bring up a daughter who respects her? Named Anouk? Could she also gain the interest of a folksy Johnny Deppish character who is years younger than her? I wish she existed. I’d pretend I wasn’t an adult for a moment and cuddle with her under a blanket and look up to see a remarkable neck and jaw line, which even with age would continue looking graceful and swan-like. I’d tell her everything and when she gets tired of listening she’d tell me to Shhh and I’d be like, Anything for you. I’ll Shhh as long as you want me to. She’d get annoyed that I don’t like chocolate, but she’ll get over it. Or she’ll see that it’s a result of some psychological dilemma or fear and she won’t try to fix it.

Then I realize I haven’t grown up yet. I don’t want a mother – I want a role model. One that dances (well) to the folk music not to impress anyone or have that “what, you don’t think I got any rhythm” attitude. She’d just do it ’cause she knows herself SO well. Ever inch of her low V-neck blouse, coming in at the waist. Dancing til her nose gets runny and skin glistens (it’s night time). I wouldn’t roll my eyes at that. I wouldn’t.


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