2 – A woman with a Jane Jetson figure

3 – A chubby little boy. (Spanky?)

4 – Ageless. Writer. Male. Cute.

5 – An older woman who still wears high heels and who’s still got it.

6 – A high school girl. Stylish, trendy with a pink Blackberry.

7 – Her older, smarter sister.

8 – A chubby girl with a real, pretty face.

9 – A tall, self-conscious girl who is extremely smart.

10 – A woman in her thirties who wears glasses and makes jokes, which are always usually funny.

11 – A tall, lanky uncle who drinks a lot at parties. Wears suits a lot, too.

12 – A woman in stockings and high heels. Wears blazers. She’s smart and pleasant to be around.

13 – An adolescent girl in private school Knee high socks.

14 – A lanky high school boy.

15 – A redhead girl in her late teens/early 20s

16 – Does coke in the high school bathroom. Has a lot of admirers.

17 – Wears camouflage pants and high ponytails. She’s athletic.

25 – Grace Kelly

36 – Soccer mom with freckles who’s top-heavy but has incredibly, thin, muscular legs. Wears flip flops and has her hair in a neat ponytail. 


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