Improv Class

I didn’t get nervous until the train arrived at Penn. Then as I got out I realized I had 45 minutes until I had to be there and didn’t know what to do with my time. I stopped in H&M and mouthed the words to the song I was listening to as I perused the hanging weird clothes I’d never wear and I saw someone laughing at me. Probably just admiring how I didn’t give a fuck. My stomach rang empty as the train pulled up but I was too nervous. I bought a soda and walked over. I saw some people standing around outside and I wondered if I’d meet them soon enough. Or maybe they were from a different class and have been here many, many times and would be like “Aw she’s trying to make friends” to me. But why would they do that? I felt like I lookd inexperienced. I took the elevator up to the 4th floor and saw a group of trendy people, hugging, giggling or something. Then I realized there wer some people who were sitting alone – my peeps! So I sat in the corner and kind of took in the atmosphere. I saw the elevator doors open and Meggie stepped out. I know her/I LIKE her! We sat next to each other. The class was great. My teacher doesn’t laugh at anything cheap and it’s great. She took a nail file and filed us all down so we’d start at the same height because you have to be in order to make this work (Figurative) Stop being writer-funny. Stop being coy-funny. It’s about being real and ready. Something I’ve been trying to learn since, like, middle school. So, welcome to my new place.


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