There’s this website called foodtgawker and you go to it and see these gorgeous food pictures. Then you scroll down, expecting text, but there’s no text! Just more pictures. They’re untouchable – like, like, like, I should have to pay a fee for the sensuous beauty placed before me. It’s not like when I look through Bon Appetit where I feel the heaviness and the actual work that’s been put into this product. Where whatever you pay weighs down on your lap. Where the pictures are a service of a well-trained photographer, the articles written by the writers-of-article and a genuine push and pull where as the subscriber I’m an active participant. But with this website, omigod, they’re just letting me look at all this stuff. And I feel somewhat guilty because the service here is impeccable. I don’t like cheese and these photos have me giving in, switching my lifestyle, hypnotized. Jolted in an Austin-Powers reaction to a dancing-Felicity-Shagwell. And all I have to do is click on these glossy, spoon-fed Bon Appetit-ish photos and they heighten all my senses to a certain I-don’t-know-what.

We were out at Chili’s – weeeeeeeeks ago – late at night. Me, my friend and the lovebirds. (I love those lovebirds, seriously) Alex and Chris had not eaten all day and they order these huge “grilled chicken with melted cheddar cheese with bacon bits sprinkled on top” numbers with real burgery sandwiches. Big (PRONOUNCE THE B) Burgery sandwiches with fries so long and so orangy that they looked like a picnic basket after it’s been pulled apart by a Great Dane or something. While Nikki and I rolled our eyes to each other, sort of like ‘This is exactly why they make fun of America,” I had a parallel thought which went sorta like: This Is Awesome. I don’t even like bacon but those bits shone in the light like gems of red and brown. Cheese was taxi-cab-yellow and the fries, an orangish extravaganza. Food porn. It’s scary, over abundant and unnecessary. But Awesome. I’m not doing anything wrong, though – just peeking at what the person next to me ordered.


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