Fun Gossip

Hey!! We haven’t spoken in SO LONG. What’s up? Nothing. Really, you always have some new thing going on. No, things HAVE happened since the last time we talked, but I can tell you need to tell me something ’cause you always tell me to spill it when you really are the one who needs to spill. Oh by the way, did I tell you that we broke up? No, we haven’t spoken in months how would I know that? I realized I really like my family. I think they’re weird and I do feel controlled by them, but… (I cut him off) but you kinda love it at the same time. Yeah, he says. Me too. Yeah, Anoush, you know what I mean. And she’s just not gonna fit in. She’s too different. And I tell her this all. I say, When were you planning on telling her this all. You’ve been going out for a year. And she walks up to me – no tears, no anything – and stares me in the eyes and says Get Out. ISn’t that so bitchy? I felt like she cut my heart out. It’s not really that bitchy, and in all fairness you were cutting her heart out. You’ve been leading her on. Isn’t that so getting-a-woman-on-a bad day? No, actually. You made it look like you were going to marry her. I was. But then out of nowhere you tell her that she can’t fit into your life cause of your culture. But I thought she’d understand. And say, what? Aw, poor indecisive baby… life decisions are so hard…./Actually, yeah something like that. Really? Yeah. You’re mixing up being indecisive with being self conscious with being sensitive. None of what you did was sensitive. But up until yesterday, she was all about love and peace. Yeah, cause you weren’t breaking up with her up until yesterday. People get hurt – they do things. I’m just scared the next time I break up with her she’ll stab me. The next time? Oh, so we got back together. Oh. Yeah, and everything’s ok right now. But all the things you said, um, they’re still gonna bother you, say, a couple years from now. I know, I just need a few more months with her. Oh. Yeah, I just don’t wanna get stabbed. Just one thing? This isn’t her reacting outrageously because she’s a woman and got her period or something. This a person feeling hurt. I don’t know her personally. Maybe she’s an idiot- no offense – but she’s also a person who you’ve convinced you love. Even if you do. I do. Yeah. So she’s going to start expecting things. Oh, us boys … Yeah. Just figure out what you want. And what do you want? I don’t know. I want to feel more accomplished. Confident and accomplished and chiseled, I guess in my brain. You mean to find someone like that? Oh, I wasn’t talking about relationships, I was just talking about what I want to be. Oh. I guess I want that, too, then. Awesome.


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