The Marines

I stand at the waiting area at Penn station, bobbing my head to music, still drunk, still ready to dance, but on my way home because if i don’t catch THIS one, i will have to bob my head for two more hours. The girls were dressed in their sunday sluttiest and I loved it, because so was I – somewhat. The US Marines were returning home and flooded the trains. This was wonderful. The girls were happy. Two of them sat next to me and I said, “Is it ok if I ask you a question?”

(Yes. Of course it is)

“You guys are in on how all the girls are gah-gah over you in those outfits, right? It’s not like “omigod i had no idea…!””

They nod, laughing, smiling. But not creepy-smiling, just kind of smirking.

“Half the reason is for the girls.” Then he explained that it was a sort of joke. I already knew though.

They were tired and eating McDonald’s.

Laughing. Me too.


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