Let it stay like this

Don’t believe this. I don’t really look this way. I really act this way, though. I’m not trying. I’m drunk and I told you everything. And I click and my heels click as i walk down the hall with no carpet. And I’m writing about myself again and I’m writing the same story. And you liked this version of me but it’s just an idea. Very soon I will vanish or explode (i prefer vanishing) Will age badly. Scared of aging badly WHILE still not accomplishing much. Pat myself on the shoulder, pat-pat as Peter Quince says in some midsummer night’s dream. And I mean it’s good. It’s good, ya know? And then i realize that the non-me is doing well but I know she won’t stick around for much cause she’s not real. Maybe I am. Don’t let it go away though. I can’t let it bulge or morph into something uglier, lamer and darling-er than this. If it does, then KILL KILL KILL!


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