Omigod, Update

I should upload a picture of me alone or a picture of me smiling with friends or just a picture of a cute cat so that I appear real. Then i think NO. I will not appear to be a real person whose proud of her day-in-the-life writings, which somehow are expected to twirl in a grass skirt around this normal, so-so person. I’ll just write on this black background. Make you work. Both of you who read this. Why do bloggers even write? Who cares? (I don’t.) I mean the ones who’re just regular people. I actually envy them in a way -slash- think they’re ridiculous. Something I should get over in the next couple months. I realized the money I make doesn’t match up to the money I monthlily owe -plus- would like to save -or/plus- would like to buy myself things with. It’s fun to realize you can barely afford living as a real live person and still don’t have a place of your own. Here’s the thing though, I don’t like people. I don’t like people talking to me when i walk through the door. I don’t like people being there when I walk through the door. So, that’s something that happens in you know, the day in day out’ness of life. I am afraid of living with a group of females who will indoubtedly giggle about stuff. I’m afraid of living with filthy males. I still live with giggles and filth in my own home, but hm… maybe it’s a confidence thing? I don’t like talking about my day to people – i’d be imposing, PLUS i don’t think every DAY thing is worth mentioning to the speaking-aloud folk.

Life is not the amount of breaths you take, it’s the moments that take your breath away.

(Doesn’t this make you want to vomit into a gleaming toilet?)

And it’s a harsh realization to… realize… that I can down an entire can of soda in less than ten minutes. The highs are definitely shortening and i’m floating up to a fan that’s really just a blade in the ceiling.


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