No Armo Here

Much of being Armenian is reflecting on how things used to be. I don’t mean talking about what the country used to be, or things like THAT. it’s talking about (in the case of my family) how things used to be when so,and,so and so,and,so and so,and,so were alive. How we used to dance like this, and talk about this, and how pilaf used to taste like this. A bunch of talk, talk, and less do. Ya want your pilaf to taste like that? fucking make it. Is it that our culture is petering out or are we just overly sentimental? We’re survivors – why are we still starving?

“Armenians are very family oriented.” No fucking shit. Yup, So is every other ethnic group. What that conveys, when they talk about themselves like that is more of a: “Look! We’re here!” Why such NEED? Putting up little Armenian flags everywhere we go…. JUUUUUUUUST INCASE we’re forgotten.

It’s friggin’ embarrassing. You know what Greeks do in situations like these? or Czechs? They BE Czech. They’re not gonna be like, “Hey looka me!! I’m being so Czech right now! Aren’t we so warm and funny and take forever to leave a home after a family gathering?” Nope. they’re just being Czech, without any need to be noticed or saved.

I wonder what would happen if one day all of us just didn’t mention anything. I mean, unless someone asks us where our names originated from. If someone asks, then it’s ok, but otherwise: SHHHHHHHHH.

Your need is so apparent – so unsexy, so unseductive. Your flamboyance doesn’t embarrass me, but your need to be seen, heard DOES. You dangle there, waiting to be fed. It’s embarrassing. (sometimes). That’s why when it comes to stuff like this, I SHHHHHHHHH.


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