Should I tip the guy at the gas station? I shouldn’t because last time I did, he looked at me funny. But I’m not sure if he looked at me funny because i’m in this rich-ish town where people have the money to tip everyone and he’s just making a judgment on me and he shouldn’t because, I mean, look at me OR because I’m twenty years younger than him and it’s almost demeaning to tip him someone older – kinda like “who does she think she is?” But he’s putting air in my tires – something I am not doing myself – and there’s no charge for putting air in your tires. Last time I tipped him, he was checking my oil and I gave him two dollars and he shrugged, saying It’s Nothing. But i was too embarrassed to take it back and I said No It’s Ok and drove away. But that was back when I paid a fee for the gas he pumped prior to the oil, so I mean, it made sense. So what I did was open my wallet and take out some bills and before i could lower the window to at least say thank you, he said There ya go and went back to the other customers. It was kind of a blessing.


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