I’m Mrs. Dewintah, Now

No Offense to A. Hitchcock, but I’m tired of the obsession with REBECCA. HItchcock even called me up and was like, “Anoush, tell all those something-something women  to stop watching every TCM airing of it as if it’s their first time! It’s a movie – A SMASHING MOVIE <- (Smashing, cause he’s British.) But TCM whores it out to these glamor-hungry, how-things-used-to-be-ish women who have forgotten the concept of keeping things fresh.”

‘Cause appreciation isn’t the same as sitting in a living room, showing off all the classic Olivier one-liners to your fellow watchers. That’s just tacky and NOT the glamorous (kiss-up) you’re trying to be.

*            *           *

(Maybe Olivier got all actory when they cameras were off and was rude to everyone on the set.)

(Joan Fontaine’s “scared” face expressions freak me out sometimes, and her childishness pisses me off.)

(Mrs. Danvers IS awesome, but over-glamorizing her every time the movie comes up in conversation stretches the poor woman out, makes her so unfresh and yesterday’s news, and that makes me ANGRY. Talking about her constantly doesn’t make her yours.) Possessive, are we?

You want to imitate/glamorize someone in the movie? George Sanders. Flamboyant. Deep voice. Overdramatic. My dream come true, but i keep it to myself. (Try it.)

(Rebecca overdose does this to me)

*             *               *

If you’re a Hitchcock faux-fucker — you’re tacky and unsusceptible to change. That’s what the man was trying to bring – change, something different – and all you do is honor him, honor him, honor him, and I realize people don’t want to change at all. They appreciate change and bring it up at cocktail parties, but they enjoy being fans of those who tried. How Fan-ish can you be before you pop? I’m SURROUNDED by fans and there’s only so many vases I can pick up and throw against a wall.


I went to their house and Rebecca came on. Most of us didn’t want to watch it – ’cause office space was on another channel – but ya know we appreciate and know the ways of Rebecca, so we watched it. What’s a few hundred times more? Thing is, I enjoyed it this time because I wasn’t in the presence of fans trying to prove themselves.  We spent most of the night saying “DeWintah” over and over, and someone brought up that this movie is a good premise for a drinking game, where you drink every time they say “Manderlay” or “DeWinter.” It’s fun to rip on something you love too much (or have issues with.)


Quote-wise I react the same when it comes to:

-My Big Fat Greek Wedding

-All About Eve

-Some Like it Hot

-Auntie Mame

-Jaws (when they quote the always-quoted parts) (I was at a bar, sitting next to Paul, the actor and he said “here’s to drinking with bow legged women” and that made my day. that’s when I pointed to my chest and said “Mary Ellen Moffit, she broke my heart.” Forget all those “We’re gonna need a bigger boat”ers)

List is subject to change.

Maybe forefully ripping on all these things for a while and not loving them with all my heart might score me some warm, brown-corduroy-blazer confidence. (I wish those other fans would push themselves to do this, too. I hate maturing on my own, cause even when all those dummies laugh about their dummy-ness, it’s still lonely being the one who’s had enough.)


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