Some real life stuff that happened

And i said to not listen to him, ’cause maybe (i’m 80% sure… he used to be a screw up too) AND people who tell you what you SHOULD be doing usually just want to a) hear themselves talk and b) feel like they’re BIGGER and BETTER.  And, i mean, he IS bigger so…

She says he needs to choose his words more wisely because the things he says aren’t helpful – “Those words talk down to me.” And I said, I’ve been there. I  listen to taller people way too much. Now I listen to good actors and improvisers. “Why don’t you move out?” she asks me. I don’t know. I don’t have the money. I would rather save money (that i still haven’t made) and write and be discovered, than move out and spending all the money (I still haven’t made.) then i got into health insurance and co-pays then we discussed therapists. See, the thing about people who give you advice is that they should bubububububu Not do that. Advisers do not listen. They solve. Listeners invite you to speak and hear yourself talk and let you come up with the answers by yourself. (Or at least let you THINK you’re coming up with the answers by yourself.)

And I apologized to her for giving her such cut and dry man advice in the past because I was doing most of the talking. Aka, needing to hear myself talk. Good how I’m learning.

Then I went to see a show. It was great. Then i came home and my mom was up working. She mentioned….ohhhh…. that we’re going to be cheap with the heating this year. As much as we can. Alrighty. That’s ok, i guess. Desparately Seeking Susan was playing in the background as she was filling out paperwork. (I can’t watch movies over and over that frequently, especially since it was on two nights ago, see other entries where I elaborate on that.) I run upstairs, with a plate of something, and she asks me to throw down a nightgown (preferably one with sleeves) and a quilt – means she’s sleeping downstairs. Preferably, preferably. My brother already has both blankets in his room. Internal Voice: ALLOW ME TO LIVE (FOR FIVE MINUTES FROM THE MOMENT I WALK THROUGH THE DOOR.) I’ll massacre you all. Hey! Yay for the use of “Massacre” in a non-Armenian context! Five points for me!


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