I dislike that “keep bleeding” song.

I dislike that “I love you always forever” song

I dislike that “Bad girls don’t cry” song

I dislike that “Feel the rain on your skin” song

I dislike that “You’ll never see me againnnn” song

I dislike that “No one, no one” Alycia Keys song.

I dislike that “I keep on falling in and out of love” Alycia Keys song. (I like Alycia Keys – love her voice and her face – but I feel a dull pain in the side of my neck when I hear those two songs.)


Message to self: Don’t think about everything (like the future, even the immediate future, like what to expect when you walk into your house when you get home) all at 11 a.m. Better to just enjoy the moment. Enjoy the…. florescent light-lit moment. The “it’s cold in my room” moment. The “Fuck you’s I say out loud but don’t think you hear moment.

It’s getting the kind of cold where my nose just runs. Just… runs.

I’m not really that angry. I don’t think.


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