I often do double takes with my ears when my boss tells me the projects she’s worked on. It doesn’t come up , like, out of the blue, but if we’re talking about something specific, she’ll bring up an anecdote or use a scene from a movie to illustrate a situation. I like conversations that you have to bring Douglas Sirk into in order to prove a point. Then I realize she knew Fassbinder on a friend-friend basis. Ear-double-take.  I find that cool. I find that extremely cool. It doesn’t stop there, though, or at him. I find people who know or knew people of that era goosebump-worthy. The era, the person, everything you know? Don’t be naive, Anoush. No, I’m not being naive. I’m falling in love, ok? I’m falling in love. Rainer Fassbinder was in my dream, ok?


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