For example, I walk through the front door on Tuesday night after I come back from Harold Night (Oh my F’ing God – so good.) i have started to sit in the first row so i can see the improvisors’ faces, like i’m trying to get closer and closer to… truth or something like that. So i come home after Harold night and my brother’s up doing his AP English homework. he has to remember definitions for his vocab test and can’t. My first thought is: IT’S 11 PM, WHY IS MY MOTHER, MY BROTHER AND A RUNNING SINK ALL IN THE KITCHEN AT ONCE? He can’t grasp the definition of the word “Connotation.” I describe, I describe, I describe – Nothing. Is the thing you’re COMPARING it to the connotation? Or is it the thing that’s being compared? No, it’s not either of the things. it’s the situation or the thing that happens between them. It’s like a metaphor.  Nothing.  Can you give me an example of a food that has a connota — Hotdog. Penis. Melons. Breasts. Can you think of something besides body parts? (not really.) Ok, ok, ok. In Best in Show, when the two gay guys are checking into the hotel, the hotel clerk asks them if they want a queen sized bed and one of the gay guys says “What are you sssssssssuggesting?” <- that is a connotation. The Queenness of the bed can be the size and also the fact that they’re gay. Connotation. Nothing. (It was a fucking great example, though.)


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