If I may be that five year old’s friend for a minute…

I can’t wait til life takes me away from you.

I’d like to throw you off a cliff but have you not die forever.

I’d like to scream at you and regret nothing.

I’d like to pretend the potato sack is you and hammer away with a baseball bat.

I’m starving.

You cuntwad.

I do so much and…… nothing.

I wish you disappeared. Wouldn’t miss you. One day you’ll really need me. Like, when you’re incontinent and i’ll have to help you for real. Good. Practice makes perfect. I don’t love a single inch of you. I’ll make so much money and jam it down your throat. Your red eyes. There. Mmmmmmm. Money tastes good.

Wow, so this is what it feels like to be paralyzed. Haha, *feels* like… funny, cause… haha paralzyed means you don’t feel. haha.


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