I thought I should spend my free time working. But I was also so tired and have lost touch with how to have a day off. So i thought, why not at least try? So I stayed home and went to my cousins’ house. Let me tell you about my cousins. I have these three girl-cousins. The oldest is the adultish, responsible one who ever now and then makes a rooster sound or will do something silly like fake a british accent or say “Voreeg” <- Armenian for ass. The middle sister wears a lot of black and leopard print. She has large breasts and long legs. She always highlights her hair and calls everyone Weenis. She used to always have extremely long finger nails but now they’re normal sized. The youngest sister has curly hair and has a cute, youngest sister look. She’s married to Greg and the two of them squish eachother’s faces and quote Godfather II lines constantly. My aunt is a TCM fanatic and is always ready to watch Marty or The Apartment with me if i’m in the mood. It was Diane’s birthday yesterday so i bought some flowers and chocolate and went over by myself. For some reason, they get the armenian, Yerevan Erepunee channel, so we switched it on and watched Armenian music videos. They were so tacky. And yet… and yet, kind of well, what I grew up with, in a way. “This is like Armenian bandstand!” They asked me if she was singing in Armenian. My aunt and I are the fluents, so they ask us about the technical stuff. Armenian TV is scary yet wonderful and scary again. I’m not gonna lie – I think Aida’s voice is good.The video is kind of… very…. intense. And very ARMENIAN.

A big part of life right now is car rides. Train rides. And that’s ok because being able to ride somewhere with some kind of expectation while listening to some really good soundtrack is i don’t know… good. There will be a time where being so hopeful will not exist or won’t be so… doable. Or something. As angry as I can get, i’ll get into the car and drive or get on a train and go see some show and it’s always the idea that things aren’t over.

I wrote this one too fast. Grammar… just off. Let it be, though.


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