An exercise where I list positive things so that I can convince (myself) that things aren’t really that bad. Knock on wood. Spit on the ground. Hop on your right leg. And never put your pocketbook on the ground.

– I like my job at Koch Lorber Films and am learning about film distribution. Second guessing myself only a small portion of the time.

– I’m working on a play.

– I’m working on a screenplay. (Both drive me insane and make me feel inadequate and frustrated, but I’m still keeping them open.)

– I went out to dinner in Roslyn and my friend said I could have anything on the menu. Red snapper with capers. Also a salad with pickled-i-think red onion.

-I got the fake-blood stain out of my white shirt from Killgore.

– Oh, and I’m making friends at UCB.

– I……… I don’t know. I’m saving a little…….money?

– I completed an improv 101 class at Upright Citizens and had a show last saturday.

– I’m doing more twists? you know, like, twists? And my back muscles are sore. I’m lifting weights?

– Obama won.


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