Car Crash

If I could turn back time, Cher wouldn’t have let me turn so abruptly and/or let the car next to me turn so slowly, and a crash wouldn’t have happened. Flakes of my car wouldn’t have jingled into the street. They pulled over, I pulled over. Before I got out of the car, i think: Be ready for a big, meaty man who’s wearing some business suit, who will immediately make it my fault, with a raised “What the FUC Kdo you think you’re doing!” hand in the air. I got out and it was a smiley lady. A Pissed off lady but smiley.

She takes out her blackberry. “Who’re you calling? Wait, should I be calling someone? I’ve never done this before.” Inside, i was thinking: be careful of how much you say. She was calling the cops so they could come fill out a report. I was in this town to pick up Chinese Food for the roommates (my family). Head Roommate called from the train, wondering if i could do a train pick up. Little did she know that I crashed our better vehicle and am waiting for a cop to show up. Cop shows up in his amusement park car. The lady and I both have our papers and he’s all “I’m in charge, now” and was ready to pin point everything wrong with the car and me. The lady and I stood for a half hour – maybe not a half hour, but almost. She calls a relative saying the damage isn’t that bad and it wasn’t – on her end. My car took it a bit harder. But I guess if i had to choose, I’m glad. If she were worse-damaged, I would’ve had to call it more My Fault. My car and I have similar personalities.

“So… DId you vote?” “Do you know where the restaurant Garden of Plenty is?” “I haven’t been in this town in a while…” <- Me trying to make noncar conversation.

My phone rings I have to tell curious caller that I’m still waiting for the cop to get out of his car. My friend calls and asks if i’d like to go out for dinner sometime this week. YES! But I can’t talk right now.

Restaurant calls. Wondering where I am since it’s been an hour. (They love me?)

Cop gets out. Both of us are late on getting our cars inspected. *TICKET* Gives us copies of the report and we all get back into our cars. I turn th car on. Afraid to ever trust another car again. No radio, and very slow. I pick up the food, then pick up my mom who couldn’t make it home, but made it to Starbucks. No one was too mad. Money leaks away.

That hard hit, though… Released some kind of … releasing feeling. Scared me, but i’m so angry right now that it almost felt good. GOOD…GOOD… good. I wish it didnt’ cost so much to repair. I’m glad I wasn’t hurt though. Ruining my knees is my new fear.


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