If this entry had A.D.D.,

-I had a dream where I finally got over every little insecurity and kissed you. Actually you kissed me, and I didn’t pull away. It was more like Thank God.

-I’m fully aware that the world doesn’t revolve around me.

-My boss gave me a keychain from Egypt (I think it’s from Egypt…) and I kind of love it?

-I’ve had more heart-to-hearts with people of my age group who ALSO feel like they’re wasting their better years.

-I have this fear/concern that people are always laughing at me. The amounts of time I waste thinking about this could feed an entire third world nation.

-I have this new self indulgent habit that i do almost every day.

– I get to go to the Gotham Awards Breakthrough Actors’ Panel at the Gotham Theater in the city. I’m kind of really looking forward to that.

-When I wake up, the first thing i think about is “How can I make this scene better.”

-“I think you have these masochistic tendencies because you’re so hungry for cradling.” — Mystery Person

-“Why are you standing in the middle of the street?” — Mattie Timms to me as i patiently waited or the right lane traffic to stop speeding through mid air.

-“You deserve a martini after today.” My boss at KLF.

– My friend’s getting married in early January

– I’m getting old. Old and still immature. Not, like OMIGOD, I’M GETTING SO OLD, but more like… wow, I hated things/me in high school, hated things/me in college, what ELSE and for how much longer will i hate? Then i realize it’s MY fault. But I still would like to punch a hole in a wall.

So, what do you want? What do you want so you can go out and start doing it?

-Being happy with something I’ve written (drama-wise.) Although I don’t think any Drama-ite really is COMPLETELY HAPPY with what he/she has written.

-I’d like an improv class to open up. (which will happen, It’s just a matter of not wanting to jump off something prior to that.)

-I’d like to giggle with someone without worrying that i may be over-giggling. Like, letting golden oldie jokes take over.

-I’d like to show you all.

-I’d like to dance.

-I’d like a couple corduroy blazers.

-I’d like blonder hair.

(wow the last three items are totally doable.

In a conversation I had recently, I found out that I’m afraid to open up because if i do, there’s no going back and i’ll just blow up, letting my runny insides explode over the prim and proper, buttoned-up folk who can keep it together and smell like roses.


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