Oprah calls them “Aha! Moments.” Gross, yeah. I call them “….Oh’s.” Actually forget it – i don’t call ’em ANYTHING. Just, i don’t know, moments I have with myself. We have books hidden ALLOVER this friggin’ place, no one-real library, just different alcoves where books…. stand. Spine-spine-spine-spine CD Spine-spine-spine Piano – spine-spine-spine coffee mug. Crazy. This might be one of those things where I give myself a Dorothy talking-to and say, “listen. Maybe all this stuff is just in your own backyard. ” <- or WHATEVER the word-for-word is. (My indifferece to the Wizard of Oz is only a cover.) But it’s the times when I FIND The Dramatists Sourcebook or Four plays by Eugene Ionesco right by all those Armenian books and Paul Klee books where i think, Oh he’s got ’em here already. I said to him, I didn’t know you kept all these Beckett plays here…”You know how we’re not so different you and I? …Well, we’re not so different you and I.” — Him. (Paraphrased by me.) But that wasn’t the moment though.

And now for something completely different: It’s always nice to get a good dose of Borderline. Song-wise, not the mental condition – I thought I should clarify.

But here’s the moment:

I’ve been reading this book of Best American Short Stories – it’s got the best american short stories in it – and of course I read them out of order because that’s how you should. This one time, I went right for  the first line, didn’t read the author, or title, just started. I thought, This is very cold and sad and lonely but sexy and weird. Very Raymond Carver. *Goosebumps* ’cause i like him. Then I look up and see that he was the author. I don’t know. Little things like that. I remember taking a book of his short stories to Gino’s and just reading it while answering phones. Pissed off at customers for interrupting. Hoping the spine wouldn’t give out before I finished it. Or returned it to the library.

Things people say (to me) that I LOVE. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” “Yeah. Gorgeous” I watch her jewel glitter in my hand. “That was a blowjob ring.” (WHOA OMG REALLY?) “Really.” Still looking. “What kind of jewelry do you like?” “I like earings – big earrings.” “No, I’m talking jewels – rings, necklaces. Do you know what that is you’re holding?” “It’s an emerald.” “Good girl.”


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