Real Things. I scribbled it this down yesterday and I found it crumpled at the bottom of my bag.

Squeezing my eyes shut, flailing my arms, or whatever talky people do with their hands when they need to get things out. No NEED, just fighting the fear of being too chatty with being just… CHARMINGLY chatty. Sitting in a red Alice in Wonderland chair, my legs not reaching the floor.

I laughed til i almost passed out at Gino’s. this whole being yourself thing? It’s real cool cause ya realize how ‘awesome’ things can be even when your inner representative’s away from her desk’n stuff.  I said, “how awesome things can be.” Knock on wood. Knock on hard wood. I breathe it in and hold it in – making my own inner euphoria multiply, propogate. (If Euphoria were a color, it would be hot pink and deep blue, like the sky, kinda, on a winter “4 o’clock” while you’re high on something. Friday was a series of solving coworker problems and laughing about old SNL skits and some Seinfeld while watching the Food Channel on the upper TV near the ceiling. A lot of my boss telling me I have a dirty mind. Also, I’ve become a 12-year-old boy about a few things lately. I steal the paper from him and say “JUST THE CROSSWORD, relax! I need GAME!” I pull out one sheet of paper from the rest and return it to one of my delivery buds. Put my arm around my boss and say, LOOK. 33 down’s Ararat and Something-across is Cairo – This puzzle’s So “US!”

Dave and Busters is a silly place. Except for the bar and the wonderfully unfunny bartender. Half of us rolling our eyes at the other half rolling their eyes back. Fun, still. They count tickets and chips and buy prizes, but they keep us balanced. “Hows the comedian thing going?” Friends from Elementary school. Friends who’ve had hot pepper placed on their tongues when they spoke back. It’s history.

Like, there’s this thing. I have this thing to go to tonight and i’m psyched (Psyched, but in a non-New-England way.) Because I’m gonna see how this business all works. Well, how a PIECE of this business all works, well, actually how to sit and listen and schmooze and take in aesthetics. She said, “And you can bring your friend.” Neato. That will go good. And the weather’s nice today.


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