Nothing New (for the most part)

I’m so angry and I don’t know why. No, I KNOW why. I use the word Cunt sparingly because it fades in the wash, but it’s the only word that really…arrrr… works here. Right here. (That’s wrong. That’s crass and a little unnecessary… Must find a better way of… emoting. For the future – for the future, let’s say.) Said it. Done. Wow, that felt great. Probably don’t need to do it again for a while.

I’m envious of people and like fighting even though there’s no (little) reason to (be). I’m always ready for one, too (a fight) and it’s scary when I come across people who…. *aren’t.* The ones who’re just… ok with… things. (As far as we know.) I don’t like/know healthy; I don’t like “good for me.” Oatmeal’s good for me, but it’s so… beige…; so is… I don’t know – whatever those people do to be “good to themselves.” A gross phrase. (Exercise: Say “Gross phrase” – it sounds disgusting saying it.)
(I say EW to all of those things!) Secretly needing it, but, you know, the way *I* want it to be. Cause I’m in charge.

I throw a brick at it all. Hopefully it’ll just fizzle away in mid air.


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