Thoughts in list form. And some A.D.D.

Pre/post – seeing “He’s Not That Into You” dialogue based on actual events.
-We heard you say “One ticket for Coraline” to the guy when you were there to see “Not that into you.”
-Right. That was an accident.
-Also you’re obsessed with Tim Burton and stop motion.
-Also I’m obsessed with Tim Burton and stop motion.

Just for fun, I’ve compiled a list of alternative (and even WORDIER) movie titles for He’s Not that Into You. Here we go:
“Straight people are so cool, aren’t they?”
“A Greg Behrendt cameo that’s two hours too short.”
“The guy from the Wedding Crashers will never play a nice guy.”
“Fuck men. Right? Fuck’em! But where do I find my soulmate?” (Fuck was unnecessary, sorry.)
“Don’t worry these characters are all connected in a really cool way.”
“If-this-is-too-generic-for-you-Anoush-you’re-probably-right-but-remember-people-who-constantly-avoid-“Generic”-things-are-just-becoming-a-whole-NEW-kind-of-generic –and-they-just-have-no-idea-that-it’s-happening-to-them-would-it-kill-you-to-make-an-effort.” (Look up from the crinkled note I’m obviously reading from – a blurry “huh” expression.) Onward.
“Smoking ruins EVERYTHING.”
“If you need to have an argument, go to an Ikea-esque store.”
“We’re just gonna……errr… Harry-Met-Sally this fourth wall for ya guys…Just-just nobody get nervous.”
“Well, Jennifer Aniston loves YOU, TOO! And she knows she’s been your idol since the beginning. (Oh, that’s one’s for me.)

In all fairness though, I like a good Ginnifer Goodwin life/self realization. I’ll say that much. And I look into Jennifer Aniston’s eyes and see a whole bunch of honesty.
*List is subject to change, however it probably won’t. Re-editing entries over and over is kinda of weird and time consuming.

This is *completely* unrelated, but gather around:
No one really knows this about me, but for the past year, I’ve taken a strong(er) liking to the word “Staunch.” I actually don’t use it that much, so you wouldn’t really know. We should have more conversations just… ABOUT the word. I use it sparingly to save it. I think it would make a great film title, clothing line (I think it is a clothing line), a new word/expression to use besides “Ah, word” or “Nice!” or a play (actually I see it more as a play than a movie.) I find it awesome but it also earns every bit of its awesomeness cause of all the hard work it does. Steadfast in principle, adherence, loyalty… just incase anyone… yeah.

I also like Staunch, the band. (If they existed … If they don’t, they should.)


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