More things I don’t like. Daily Purge. Also, sorry.

– When they say “What happened” when what they really mean is just “sorry, what did you say?” or the old, mom-and-pop, “Huh?”

-The overuse of “Sick!” or “Tight” or “Legit!”

-When they say “I hate the holidays.” I bet you also hate getting sad, getting the flu, or TV commercial breaks. (Boy, when’re you gonna find your crowd?)

-Parents who give long explanations to their kids when they should just say No. (The kid’s one year old, he doesn’t know what’s going on except that his parents are easy to manipulate.)

-The overuse of the word, Fetish. It’s gotten fat with overuse and lost its punch. You don’t have a shoe fetish – you just enjoy going shopping for shoes.

-16 year olds who have blackberry’s (Blackberries?)

-When they order a bunch of entrees at a restaurant and share. That’s ridiculous. (Also, communism)

-Thinking movies like Girl, Interrupted are cool, when they’re really really just sad.

-Boston’s “More than a feeling.” (Peace of Mind is better.)

-(On that note) Guitar Hero (Gears of War is better.)

-When they think Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a movie about a woman who likes diamonds.

-Most of MTV

-Carlos Mencia

-Unoriginal ethnic humor

-Going on trips with large groups of people

-When they lick their fingers

-The sound of smacking lips (when a person wakes up, or worse while he/she’s chewing.)

-Songs like Please Don’t Stop The Music. I don’t like the melody – Also, If the music she sings about is THAT good, well, then I wanna hear THAT song instead.


-Appearing vulnerable/weak.

-When moms buy lunch from restaurants (like pizzerias) for their kids to take to school. It’s convenience plus luxury. Treating them, treating them, treating them. You know what I wanna see? A suburban mom buy a kebab sandwich in a pita for their child to take to school. See the friends he makes with THAT.

-Victoria’s Secret – Yes to Fashion show / No to Store. (You can get a sexy bra anywhere and also? Sexuality isn’t pink-and-white-striped.) I used to work there and watch women go through bins of sexy bras, fishing for the kind of woman they THINK they should be.

-When they say “The book was better.” (I know… common thing to dislike but I only bring this up so I can say: I Found the movie Jaws a lot more entertaining than the book.)

-When they pronounce “Thank you” as if it were “Thenk Yew” (more common for girls than boys.)

-Confusing racism with enthnocentrism. (both are bad news, but they’re different)

-When they say, “I’m such a nerd” or “I’m such a dork.” Cause it leads me to say, “I
don’t believe you.” They either want attention or really think they suck in some shape or form. Why limit the self-degrading to wussy words like Dork and Nerd, then? Why not go all out?

-Strangers who don’t break eye contact after you’ve accidentally made some (eye contact.)

Uh… sorry.


One Response to “More things I don’t like. Daily Purge. Also, sorry.”

  1. blackberry’s = belonging to blackberry

    omg, i’m such a nerd!

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