I have a friend named Nandita who I used to hang out with a lot in Middle School. So, anyway, fast forward ohhhhh 11 years later, and we all hear a voicemail prompt saying ‘hi you’ve reached Nandita”… pronounced NUN-dit-ha. And, Huh? We’ve been mispronouncing her name for 11 years?

Fast forward to a couple months later, when I see her in person at a friend’s apartment and say, “Why didn’t you ever correct any of us? Or our teachers? Or anyone?”

Cause I can say the correct pronunciation well – really well, i think. No wait, now I’m self conscious cause now I’ll think that she’s gonna think that I have to pronounce it correctly or I’m doing it to prove a point and it’ll make her more uncomfortable, and then she said, “You can call me Nun-dit-ha if you’d like.”

I go, “I bet, i bet you just didn’t want to bother anyone and i bet you didn’t want to look like some proud person who demanded to have her name pronounced nothing but correctly and THAT’S why you held back. Also, Nandita sounds really pretty anyway so why make tons of peple change their ways.” <- Not said world-for-word. The girl is so dynamic and incrediblet o even have to think twice about inconveniencing anyone. I mean it’s not like she’d have to go correcting PE teachers, Asst. principals, etc. But us?

I don’t correct those who stress the second syllable. That’s uhhh annoying (for me/ for them, and also? not really worth it.) What’s in a shname, right?

But? I tell ya when I hear my name pronounced the right way? Like the way my relatives say/said it? Being all first-syllable-happy? MMM! A reaction similar to Chris Rock’s. Another thing? When they ask what it means instead of/before what it is – Goosebumps, wiggly spine.

Another discovery made after the lab tests i did on myself (And this is just for me, or anyone who wants in): Saying you don’t care about how it’s pronounced is just a cover – Another version of running away from something. (And it’s not about nationality.) If my name was Hammer, and everyone pronounced it like, Ham-MER, I would/should probably correct them. I mean, I think it’s pretty straightforward. Unless they ask you, “What Hammer Store are you from?” Then it’s definitely about nationality.


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