I’ve got it

Here’s advice for something, but i’m not sure for what. Innocence maybe, or a strong heart or… creativity. <- Creativity, that’s the one.

Go through each day as if you’re watching Planet of the Apes (the original) pretending you don’t know the ending. No matter how many times you’ve seen it. You pick up so much. Do it in moderation, like once or twice a year. More than that, and you’ll go insane.
Totally different~
Dramatic Fantasy where I play myself:

I get into a fight, verbal and i’m winning, but not really – it’s a fight – no one ever really wins. Deep, right? yeah, well.

It calms down for a sec.
Then the person says: “WELL, FUCK YOU!”
Then I say: “Fuck you, WHAT.”
Then he/she says: “FUCK YOU…uh… Anoush Froundjian.”
Then I say (pointing my finger): “That’s right!”



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