I lost my checkbook months ago. I never use my checkbook. I used the first check back in ohhh August and wrote VOID across it to get direct diposit. Now I have no idea where it is. I guess… if you don’t use it… you… lose it(?)

I brought my MadLibs book to work on Friday and briefly got made fun of for loving the kinds of things I do. “Excuse me, are we 9?” Next, i found my fellow guy coworkers all doing Mad Libs while I answered the phones. I’m naive ’cause i think I invented dirty MadLibs. Turns out I’m just a rookie.

I daydream on every train ride I take, my ears plugged by soundtrack (…ipod). I went into Saturday, and Thursday, having that feeling like: I might be a slightly different person by the time I get home. Clearly, obviously, and usually, that “different-person-thing” happens EVERY DAY, but it’s better when you’re aware of it.

Words I live by (more):
“Turkeys, just be yourselves!” (poultry and proud)


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