I’m entirely against phrases like “I’m tiredddd” because people around me say it a lot with updates on their sleeping schedules and it’s not fun to listen to. Same goes for I’m Hungry or I’m Cold – no, actually I’m Cold is alright cause you can’t control climate. But the other two are things I do to myself so why… complain about it? But I can’t fall asleep – OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD. I watched hours peel away wondering what the NORMAL people out there were doing right now. Also liking phrases/ideas that popped into my head that i couldn’t find a pen for nor could I find the energy to get up. So, I set up little mini mental mazes where hopefully i’d remember them sometime later in the day. I promised myself I wouldn’t mention Tired or Sleep to live people, but it just came out in response to the default “How are you” as i walked down the stairs and I thought DAMNIT! I let it happen!

“Happens to me all the time – I bet your face is all pasty” he types.
“Wait, are you happy about this?”
“No? Kinda. No- no definitely not. My eyes are all purply underneath and my face is totally pale.”
“You like looking sick?”
“Not entirely.”

But people love talking about their sleeping patterns. It’s like a thing.

I overheard them:
“I took this nap earlier and it was SO awesome cause it totally rejuvinated me.”

(15 seconds later)
“I was so tired, but i took this nap and it…”
“…Totally rejuvinated you? Yeah i read about it on Google news it was everywhere.”
“Hey! Why don’t you go back to your little hangout in chelsea and shutcher pie hole!”
“Pie-hie-hie hole?”

INSANE LAUGHING (Best sleep talk I’ve had in a while.)


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