A writing prompt that shouldn’t’ve made me so sick, but it did

I’ve been perusing some writing prompts and found most to be ok. Then i came to this: List 10 things from your childhood you can’t do anymore but wish you could. And i thought… this is A STUPID, STUPID THING.

OH! I wish i could take a time machine back to relive the days of NOT being able to share insight in an adult conversation without being shushed or aw’d or you’re-cute’d.

OH! Sitting at the kiddie table! The one with plastic silverware and the kids who whine about how their food is “touching.”

OH! “Inappropriate” movies. (being made to go to bed because an (otherwise GOOD) movie has sex in it. (Someone please tell that bubbly woman in her mid-to-late 30s that I know what sex is and watch it on TV regularly.)

OH! Skip-its. (Those were awful, including the commercials.)

OH! Pretending to like Saved By the Bell cause that’s what the pretty people were doing.

OH! Told I was too thin / told I was too chubby

OH! Having to wear those nasty jerseys and run around with some ball in a playground.

OH! Ruining people’s lives by piercing my own ears and cutting my own hair.

OH! Mind-numbing anxiety.

OH! fear of hot peppers on my tongue.

OH! Being yelled at for rolling my eyes too much (My only defense!)

Honestly, I don’t miss it. Turning 21 was good solely because I was actually (according to the rules) let INTO places. And the things I liked? I STILL do – So this writing prompt can GO EAT ITSELF.

I get aggitated by those who say, “Oh, growing up… sigh.” First of all, don’t say “Sigh.” <- makes you sound like a GODDAMN idiot. (*I’m fully aware that idiots come in all shapes and ages and that sitting at an adult table doesn’t ensure insightful conversation, But the chances are definitely higher/bettter.)


2 Responses to “A writing prompt that shouldn’t’ve made me so sick, but it did”

  1. yeah i didn’t really like being a kid a lot either, from what i remember.

    and thinking of 10 things i wish i could still do seems like a stretch.

    i don’t like the concept of the adult table. i won’t have one in my house.

    i want to be 21! soon. haha.

  2. I think I spent too much time listening to the adults. They were so convincing, you know?

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