More things on Facebook that you can or can NOT be a fan of under the category of “It’s a matter of time:”

1. The Morning
2. Mustard
3. William Shakespeare (If you’re not already a fan. He’ll be so happy.)
4. Staircases
5. Belts
6. Taxi’s
7. A good, sturdy railing
8. Finding Money on the ground or in an old coat pocket (I said “Coat pocket” so i wouldn’t sound like a bad person.)
9. Running water
10. Text messages
11. Writers/Artists who care that you’re them in their future lives.
20. Scissors (So helpful! OMG)
21. Marriages
22. Earrings
23. The sun
24. The song, 2 become 1 by the Spicegirls (Just to see the type of crowd it creates.)
25. 3 pm
26. Siblings
27. Sugar
29. Movie soundtracks
30. Spitting
31. T-squares (For the artist-type kids)
32. Things that zip open and shut
33. Notebooks
34. Makeup
35. Pineapples
36. Really, really neat mousepads.
37. Swiss Army Knives (Those are great!)
38. Mail men
39. Milk men (The 50s, glass jars, and suggested affairs with housewives)
40. Drawing
41. Spite
42. Lotion
43. Cork (for a wine bottle or a bulletin board, either or)
44. Television
45. Beards



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