The Women

Ok, ok, ok picture this: The two of us standing on a downgoing escalator after our class and she taps on my shoulder. “Did you notice the other women we were sitting next to the other night?” I know what she meant by other women – not that they were “old” but they weren’t stupid-young like us. In my opinion, they were better dressed, smarter, poised, but older and not dumb-20-something. “Why do people come up and talk to US before them.” “But did you hear the stuff they said? If you were old(er) wouldn’t you be kinda… past it?” I thought I’d throw in some insight or some pretend good news. Or silence my own thoughts that went along the same lines. They’ve all probably “been there” and just know/are tired of the deal. It brought back my theory that women are better at pushing themselves to explore new phases. Get smarter, evolve. And depending on how smart, or the phase, exactly, needing validation won’t be soooo #1 anymore. Right? Unless you’re a silly, giggly mom-women who needs some. Or I some Alice-in-Wonderland in some dark nature-y place sitting on some rock being weirded out by angry frogs with horns for mouths. Depends on how you want to evolve, I guess.

The woman sitting next to us was beautiful and I loved her earrings. Her skirt was swirly and she looked like she wrote novels. The woman at the end of the table had black hair with pink high lights and heavy make up – she looked like a punk rock Angelica Huston and they said I’d like to see her act sometime. She and I both found the woman who left early with her boyfriend to be very hot – very jennifer aniston-hot. WIth the delts, the chin and pin straight hair.The woman sitting across the table from me had an itouch that made the whole table buzz. She talked about how you need thicker skin. Her fingers did a kind of curly thing as she described “thicker skin.”


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