Short Term Goals

A bunch of things that could happen.

– Dance on the counter to loud dance music at the pizzeria with everyone (drunk.) Doesn’t have to be the counter.
– Tango or Cha-cha with someone at a party, and be good. (It’s been done, but I’d like to be in a better state of mind.)
– Draw people better. Draw-draw. Maybe start a comic.
– Start an improv group. (After a 301 maybe when i’m less fledgling (fledgeling?))
– Not worry if i’m slighting people.
– Not run from things too quickly
– Write a screenplay. Feature or long-ish short.
– Do a 2nd draft of this play. (Give a better ending.)
– Trust (more) people more. (Nah…)
– Be less apologetic. I’ve cut back, but I can still hack away.
– Work in the city in the next year or year and a half.
– Have a play reading.
– Not be so angry. I’ve cut back but I can still hack away.
– Make other people happy or realize how good they are. (…in the very cool, cool, cool way.)

Fantasy short term goals
– Still, dancing to dance music on the counter at the pizzeria, drunk.
– Being dressed up incredibly by fashion people and having nice-nice photos taken.
– Being given a black sharpie in a totally white room by someone who says, “Here, go crazy.”


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