“That’s Good Advice” — Jimmy Dugan

I came up with this way to alleviate/ameliorate any kind of mind numbing anxiety. It’s better than anything I’ve heard from a professional and should be embroidered onto a pillow then torn apart because I hate pillows with embroidery. Ok. Here it is: You have your problem, Your worry, whatever makes the back of your neck get how it gets and add three days to it. If you can’t imagine your worry as being resolved or becoming “yesterday’s news” by THEN? Then, it’s not worth it. YOUR WORRY + THREE DAYS. It works for stupid comments, drunk comments, being sincere (drunk), being sincere sober, stupid voicemail messages, stupid texts, jokes that don’t do well.

*Mainly for those with complicated brains. NOT something I’d recommend for those who are late on car payments or any payments, law breakers, and anything whose consequences last more than three days.


One Response to ““That’s Good Advice” — Jimmy Dugan”

  1. this is good. a good rule of thumb. i’ll try to make it happen, if i can.

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