I deleted a bunch of bad-egg facebook notes. My jeans fit better now.

I wanted to see what the Sex and the City movie was like – horrible things but the clothes were too pretty to look away. I think I may have developed some kind of rash, though.

Every once in a while I have the feeling of falling down on my knees and vomiting out an I’m sorry. To who? I don’t know. But when this feeling is gone i almost forget about gravity.

I’m already upset that I can’t find a weekend 301 Improv class to throw myself into after this one. The last time I finished a class, I became very negative.

“If britney spears were a guy, I’d beat her.” (Not me but someone related to me. I don’t hate Britney Spears though. Seems like I should, right? i don’t. I don’t hate Lindsay Lohan either. don’t LOVE ‘EM but dont hate ’em.)

I was at the hair dresser’s and i saw all these ladies with crazy aluminum foil messes on their heads – I was one of them. Reminded me of how messy something has to become before it has that “voila” look. Like a nose job. Or a play.

I’m getting the fuck out of here tomorrow night.

I might be falling apart or getting stronger. It might be the latter.

I dont hate “LOUD MAN” anymore. Loud Man talks LOUDLY and laughs LOUDLY and laughs at what people say TOO LOUDLY and TOO SOON for the laugh to register. I used to want to sit next to him and say things like ‘Rape” or “genocide” or “mass murder” with my expressionless face and have him say, “What?” and me say “I dunno, i’m just saying things to get you to stop laughing so loudly.” But I don’t think like that anymore. It’s not really kind and you know what? He’s a nice person.

“Let’s see how Miss No-Initiative deals with THIS.”
Response to “Ohhh, see? I don’t take initiative. Ever. Sometimes.”

No Dice by Beirut is a good song. My brain does sit ups to it.

“Do you draw faces?” Said the high or crazy man who looked like Napoleon at the coffee shop in Chelsea.
“Do you have trouble drawing the eyes?”
“No.” (I don’t realize he might be crazy or high yet.)
“Here’s whatcha do. You draw a dot right in the middle and then fill it in while your eyes are closed.”
“Ok. thanks.”
He does a clap and rubs his hands together “Sarsparilla!”
My friend sits down.
“John was it? John? This is my friend.”
“My name is John-John. When I sign my name, I have all these J’s. Your signature’s a… you just put your pen to paper and whatever comes out comes out.”
“What do you think? What do you think about signatures? Can you do me a favor and tell me if it’s morning or evening?”


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