Just Rawr

I’m short. I didn’t realize it until people told me. I feel like people (mostly girls cause they say it more) actually ENJOY it but make it sound like it’s a flaw. It’s a way they can easily be different from everyone else in the room and disguise it all as an inconvenience. But it’s not THAT big of a deal to be shorter and it’s not something to be self conscious about. So SAYING it as if you’re admitting to vulnerability or flaw sounds more like, I dunno, like you’re trying to get attention. Not that attention’s bad, but if being short were truly vulnerability, what’s stopping you from pointing out more? “Don’t mind me, I’m just ugly.” What? Would you EVER say this? No. So THINKKK about it. And really? A woman being 5’1’’ or 5’2’’, yeah it’s shorter, but it’s not an unusual thing to happen on a female. It’s like drawing attention (trying-to-be-funny attention) to something that’s already kinda common. And wishing you were a couple inches taller or BEING a couple inches taller isn’t going to change your life in a drastic way. Maybe a few things, but not DRASTICALLY. (I’m still the same self conscious person whether I’m dealing with a tall, lanky person or a shorter-than-me petite person.)

People don’t care if you’re short. And if you point it out, they don’t see your shortness, they see your need for attention. OH! I can’t stand how people think there’s this need to make up for shortness with being funny or having a personality or how uglier (or society-standarded) ugly people think they have to be funny to make up for something. I don’t like that kind of “funny.” I like confidence. So if you’re gonna fake something? Fake your confidence, not your funny. Fake-funny is awful. If it had a taste it would be a pink jelly bean. Oh and that also implies that beautiful (society-standarded) beautiful people do not need to have personality. That’s so very wrong. I mean I guess it’s right if your goal is to sleep with that person, but after a few sleepings with, there’s a chance, I don’t know, you might wanna talk to this person about something besides the movies, money and TV. Cause I mean it might get rough. Unless you’re able to just talk about money and TV which most people can. They can survive on it for YEARSSSS. I can’t though. And my friends can’t. Well, they’re not all my friends. I mean, most of them I’m friends with cause I think it’s rude to click ignore.

Like, we’ll have one or two so-so in-real-life conversations and now we’re gonna be friends. Last Wednesday I secretly deleted a bunch of these people from my list. I don’t like being rude. (However, if my friends list were a vagina, it would be purple and all stretched.) You gotta draw the line somewhere. Like if this isn’t working out for ME, then, I gotta say no.

I like the plus sign and the head icon though. And the word “new” is always fun. And the red thing with the number of notifications is AMAZING. And it’s red, ya know? If it were green or blue, I probably wouldn’t smile so wide when I saw it. (I don’t smile. That was a joke.) But if it were green, maybe a smirk or thinking-to-yourself “huh” sound. But the red? Forget it – I’m singing the in love Italian song from Lady and the Tramp.

There’s one thing I DON’T do though. I rarely comment on other peoples’ statuses unless I REALLY like it .As soon as someone else comments (someone who I don’t even know!) then *I* have to know about it. I’m NOTIFIED. And I’m left hating the red sign. And I start caring less.

I’ll comment on photos, though. I’ll comment SO MUCH.

But here’s another thing I DON’T do. Or try to keep at an absolute minimum. It’s commenting on the things people write on my wall. That kind of same wall commenting, well, that’s self-importance at its best, isn’t it? “Looka what my friend wrote! And look at the funny thing I’m gonna say back to him! Because my profile is what I use to represent me and how I interact with people! They LIKE me!” So I still write on other peoples’ walls. I write back because that’s what a conversation is. The only exception is when I have to defend myself from those who misinterpret a status or think they knowwww me a certain way and I have to do a little explaining. Other than that? Same as before. I stick to “you talk/I talk.” Yeah, the essence of a conversation – of conversing. The human activity I like. That’s why I can’t stand when two people who THINK are having an interesting conversation at the table next to us speak loudly so we can hear it and ‘enjoy’ it. Because they think their subject matter and commentary on life is so entertaining that I JUST have to hear this. Those people aren’t really having a conversation; they’re putting on a play. And I don’t like having tea at a café with my friends while watching bad theater. (As a rule.) Cause I’m ya know sharing my thoughts on something that I’m VERY OK with no one having to hear, even if I’m doing it so eloquently. I mean you can listen if you want, but he/she sitting across from me is probably gonna simply respond to what I just said and I’ll do the same back. Kinda your basic ABC123 stuff. And maybe we might come to some conclusion and mature and move forward. Cause I really, honestly (unless it’s someone I like-like) care about the friend-conversations stacked on your wall.

I don’t know. Who knows? Ra-ra-ra. I’m short.


One Response to “Just Rawr”

  1. jessica Says:

    so true. my screenplay teacher said her daughter did stand up. and one of the girls who went up went on and on and on about how short she was (i guess she was like 5’2″) and she kept saying, “i’m so short you can pick me up and put me in your pocket!” and then my teacher’s daughter went up and said, “hey, i’m 5’6″. yeah, there’s nothing funny about that either.”

    yeah and i’m not a fan of these new facebook politics either. i want people to be able to see the comments i get from my friends. hahah.

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