This is not a poem. I don’t write poems.

I’m so hungry right now but I’m just going to sit here and let things be.

I had a nightmare last night where I saw her naked (I’ve seen her naked before) but things were weirder and I woke up grossed out.

I hate the word barbecue, still. Whenever it’s mentioned I cringe. I imagine life will just get harder for me.

Things I’m happy about:

– It’s not winter

– The holidays aren’t here.

– I have a good job. Knock on wood. I might get full time.

– That I don’t have to go to school/college/deal with you you hyper-reality-hungry people anymore.

And lastly,

If i hear a predictable That’sWhatSheSaid joke and everyone around me laughs at it, the world gets dark and lonely for that brief moment.


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