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The issue of Smart has come up a lot in conversation lately – whether I’m participating or just eavesdropping. What’s happening out there is that the smarties talk about what they know and exhale higher learning onto listeners/hearers who either join in on all the unprotected referencing OR! get wildly intimidated. Both scenarios – shall we say – blow.

I think I was misinformed about how to act when I’m among the learnED. Usually what I do is acknowledge their shrewdness, listen and *if* I find it interesting, well then, awesome. If not, then…then that’s the end of that… ‘cause I’m learnED too, I believe. However it’s come to my understanding that having this attitude is clearly not the way to live a life. According to the handbook, when I’m around a person smarter than me, I’m supposed to cut off all my hair and rake the veins in my forearms until I bleed out my entire ancestry. And with the remaining strength I may or may not have, hand-cuff myself to a piece of heavy furniture that won’t move easiliy when pushed.

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“So Damned Ugly.” –Dr. Zira

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Here are some monsters who mean well.











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Speaking from the heart

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The next person who says, “There aren’t enough hours in the day” will be punched in the stomach or run over by a tractor. You fail in the art of saying things that make sense.

1. If there are more hours in the day, you’d be spending them sleeping/not-sleeping, surfing the web, getting lazier OR? cheating more OR? going to therapy more / not-going to therapy more AND eating more and spending money more and just being larger in all ways possible and eventually saying “There aren’t enough hours in the day” *more.*

2. The day’s fine the way it is – you don’t have to go adding hours because your saving-the-world-from-apocalyptic-holocaust schedule doesn’t permit it.

3. People waste time, feel helpless, and take horrible care of each other already with the plain, old 24. If anything we need fewer hours in the day.

S’all I got.

Remember to have fun.

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Also (not related to this), don’t worry about summer being over. It’ll be alright. I think.

















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I wasn’t a crabass

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i did a whole lot yesterday. I saw and walked a lot and my calve muscles are stronger. I won’t write about it all – if you care, stop me in person and ask.

I’m getting into the whole “enjoy the weather” “enjoy the day” “enjoy your company” mindset. The kind where you smile and go “hmmmm” and feel all cozy. Things I’d usually hate and get annoyed by. So THERE’S a change. (The weather’s getting colder and fall is coming and then winter is coming and these seasons have the tendency of blowing. I’m gonna try to make that not happen.)

We stopped at Jack Hanley’s Universe – I’d never been there. Weird. I should have been in there much earlier in my life. We stayed for almost an hour before improv, but I found This. I sat on the floor and read about 3/4 of it and Wow. I should’ve bought it. I will now. Every inch of me – satiated. It was that kind of day.

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So, what I DID was lean down and bend my wrists as far back as I could and saw tension channel from my forearms onto a table top, and mouthed, “Oh wow.”