I wasn’t a crabass

i did a whole lot yesterday. I saw and walked a lot and my calve muscles are stronger. I won’t write about it all – if you care, stop me in person and ask.

I’m getting into the whole “enjoy the weather” “enjoy the day” “enjoy your company” mindset. The kind where you smile and go “hmmmm” and feel all cozy. Things I’d usually hate and get annoyed by. So THERE’S a change. (The weather’s getting colder and fall is coming and then winter is coming and these seasons have the tendency of blowing. I’m gonna try to make that not happen.)

We stopped at Jack Hanley’s Universe – I’d never been there. Weird. I should have been in there much earlier in my life. We stayed for almost an hour before improv, but I found This. I sat on the floor and read about 3/4 of it and Wow. I should’ve bought it. I will now. Every inch of me – satiated. It was that kind of day.


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