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Russell Brand

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I got Russell Brand’s “My Booky Wook” for my birthday back in June and rolled my eyes as I opened it because I’m not supposed to like Russell Brand. Even though I liked his stand-up a lot. ‘Cause if the people whose opinions I value/need to match don’t like this person, well, then I can’t like this person either. I’m an elitist. If I liked someone that people-I-think-are-great didn’t like, well, then… that’s like how my mom loves Kathy Griffin, right? I was wrong, though, and spent so much time pretending. Hell. I love him.

So, fuck you all, s’all I’m saying.

*He and I are born on the same day.
*We’re both good with our hands.
*We’re both very flamboyant.
*We’ll not be changing.



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Fakkkkk you.

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The folks who made these cookies got beaten up a lot in high school and never learned.


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The brain is a delicacy in some cultures. Not the human brain, but I’m really bad at drawing seals and sheep.

Other stuff, possibly related. (But probably not)

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November issues

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Waning Lingo

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Here is a list of expressions/words/lingo that has/is slowly waning from our current mode of speak. I’m happy that these things are on their way out and would probably be ecstatic when they’re gone forever. Ok, here we go.

1. “Awkwardddd” – Overdone. Overused. And nine times out of ten, ::whisper:: it’s not awkward. Congratulations – You’ve made this word a dirty whore that no one wants anymore.

2. “That’s so random!” – I hate teenagers.

3. “Don’t judge me.” said after anything even slightly nerdy.

4. “You’re wasting my time.” – Actually, I think this one’s gone. I haven’t heard THIS in months, years even. Nice work, folks!

5. Writing to things that have pissed you off in letter-form. Ex:
Please stop doing that. K, Thanks, Love HILARIOUS PERSON.”

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