Russell Brand

I got Russell Brand’s “My Booky Wook” for my birthday back in June and rolled my eyes as I opened it because I’m not supposed to like Russell Brand. Even though I liked his stand-up a lot. ‘Cause if the people whose opinions I value/need to match don’t like this person, well, then I can’t like this person either. I’m an elitist. If I liked someone that people-I-think-are-great didn’t like, well, then… that’s like how my mom loves Kathy Griffin, right? I was wrong, though, and spent so much time pretending. Hell. I love him.

So, fuck you all, s’all I’m saying.

*He and I are born on the same day.
*We’re both good with our hands.
*We’re both very flamboyant.
*We’ll not be changing.


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