Jokes That Belong In the Kitchen

1. It’s a belief that in heaven, some oils will be greeted by 77 extra virgins.

2. PEPPER: Objection!
COFFEE: Oh what grounds?

3. What did the prune say to the bowl of fruit?
-I’m just a regular people-person.

4. What did the supportive, but suicidal fridge say to the other appliances?
-Remember, my door’s always open.

5. Banana Hammocks worldwide are celebrating their newly found confidence.
-They all carry a pear now.

6. What did the microwave say to the spice rack?
-It’s not like I have all the thyme in the world.

7. What did the chauvinist butterstick say to the pancakes?
-You’re stacked!

8. What did the mixing bowl say to the pancakes?
-Batter up!

9. What does pancakes’ boyfriend wear to sleep?
-A pair of boxes and an eggbeater.

10. Why so bleu, Cheese?

11. What’s Grandma Milk’s first name?

12. What did the granola say to the craisin?
-Come to this bar often? (HAHA!)

13. What did the raisin say to the granola?
-I’ve been around much longer than you have.

14. What’s breakfast’s favorite passtime sport?
-Waffle ball.

15. What are pot evots?
-“Stove top” backwards.

16. What’s better than a self-cleaning oven?
-A walkin’ freezer.

17. Sporks have both.

18. What’s shish kebab’s favorite cocktail?
-Skewers with a twist.

19. Bananas also have a cheer where they scream:
“C-H-E-E-R-L-E-A-D-E-R-S!” They don’t understand why, either.

20. Why don’t they serve oatmeal to soldiers?
-They’re still against beige in the military.


One Response to “Jokes That Belong In the Kitchen”

  1. What a funny stuff I ever found on the web. . . . . . . . . .

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