I’ve learned that forcing creativity (or figuring out how I fit in in this world) just results in my own asshole’ness and – I DUNNO – anxiety. So I’m just gonna share some things I’m prrrretty good at, as I feel that listing them will give me some peace of mind. Ok, here we go.

I’m pretty good at drawing.

I’m pretty good at NOT forcing Funny. Knowing when to say the funny thing and when to sheeet the feeeek up.

I’m pretty good at not giving a fuck.

I’m pretty good at not saying “Sorry, I’m awkward” and good at NOT getting frustrated with people who do.

I’m pretty good at not saying “I’m a nerd.” ‘Cause I’m NOT. I spoon with Planet of the Apes and The Twilight Zone, but I’m not a nerd. If anyhing i’m a

Faggot. A lady-faggot. I speak Film Noir and enjoy high heels and cry. I wouldn’t know the Star Wars storyline if it came to life and raped me. (That was said for effect – I don’t usually speak that way. But saying it made me feel really good for a few seconds. But ahhh not worth it. Wow, now I regret saying that.)

I’m pretty good at knowing when to stop obsessing over something.

I’m pretty good at being ok with being a girl. It’s hard, though. ‘Cause HAVE YOU SEEN WHAT WE’VE GOT WALKIN’ AROUND OUT THERE, LATELY? Even the ones who show off their confidence have some kind of alternate issue they’re dealing with.

I’m pretty good at berating. I’m really good at it, actually. It’s not just mean words. It’s timing, rhythm, eye movement. They LOVE it.

I’m pretty good at writing dialogue. I know how people talk. I listen. Quiet people DO that. In a way, it’s very sad.

I’m pretty good at being sad and feeling something from top to bottom.

I’m pretty good at trying new things (unless they have refined sugars.)

I’m pretty good at not trying to wow people with the stuff I know. Also, who cares?

I’m pretty good at not saying cutsey things in social situations when I feel out of the loop. Good at being myself. (BUT LEMME TELL YA, IT GETS FRUSTRATING SOMETIMES TO MAINTAIN THAT WHILE YOU’RE AROUND FOLKS WHO *DO.*)

I’m pretty good at holding things in. I’m good at tightening, untightening, my muscles and pushing myself to move around as much as I can.

I’m good at not being a lazy fuck.

I’m pretty good at knowing that cursing too much becomes tacky and 9 times out of 10, you should just not say anything at all.

I’m pretty good at never saying or writing the word, “Sigh.” And good at not visualizing the assassination of all those people who DO.

I’m pretty good at not hating people who start sentences with “Honey….” or (again) visualizing them getting beaten up somewhere, late at night.

I’m pretty good at the whole less is more thing.

I’m pretty good at admitting (sometimes out loud) when I’m scared.

The list is subject to change. If I can take all these items and squish them into one long pretzel rod of possibility, I might have some better idea of – I don’t know – stuff.

Thank you in advance,


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  1. Enjoyed it. Thanks!

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